The Harrell iot gateway are designed and manufactured by HIS Pvt. Ltd, the leading manufacturers of IoT solutions in India. Smart IoT Device is a versatile device which reads the MODBUS memory map of any RS-485 MODBUS protocol device and sends the data to the cloud server. The data stored can be viewed as per customer requirement on dashboard. SID is an ideal solution for online monitoring of RS-485 MODBUS data. SID mainly consist of GSM module and microcontroller-based control circuit. SID supports generic MODBUS RTU protocol for data acquisition and uses MQTT protocol to communicate with IT application database on cloud. The Device can be easily configured within one minute to send your data on Any MQTT Server dashboard.


  • Up to 96 Nodes Compatible
  • MODBUS RTU / TCP-IP Compatible
  • Settable Alarm set-points for each channel (High / Low)
  • Communication Failure detection
  • PC Base Software for easy configuration
  • 1-60 Minutes Settable Data Interval
  • Bi-color LED indications
  • Ethernet / RS-485 Input Port
  • SMS / Email Notification
  • MQTT Protocol
  • JSON Data Format
  • Cloud Base Support System
  • 2 usb ports