Cranes with IOT

Making your life easier with IoT enable in cranes Helpful Innovative Solution makes crane smart and IoT enable, from basic standard models to unique tailored cranes designed for the most demanding lifting requirements. Our IoT enable system make crane and your life easier. Imagine your processes more streamlined and the safety in your facility greatly enhanced. This is what you get with Helpful Innovative Wireless Sensors Networks Solution automated overhead cranes. The latest lifting technology now Every crane can utilises the most recent developments in software and engineering to ensure it is the most advanced it can be on delivery. As technology develops, our software and hardware are designed to make modernisation easy. Whatever your lifting need, we have a lifting solution. Contact HIS group today to learn more about how our automated cranes suit your lifting needs.   The Values
  • Enhance safety and improve productivity via WSN-IoT
  • Track progress and working reports
  • Cloud base report analytics
  • Optimize transportation and logistics planning
  • Reduce operator fatigue
  • Reduce labour costs and inventory tracking time